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March 22
by Pat Damiani on March 22nd, 2024
We've now completed our reading through the book of Job. Take some time today to reflect on what you've learned from the book. Still have questions or things you're not sure of? Let Ryan or me know. We'd love to have a conversation with you about those things.Monday we'll begin a new reading plan that will take us through Paul's letters. I know you won't want to miss that!...  Read More
March 21
by Pat Damiani on March 21st, 2024
Today's Reading: Job 42:12-17Not only does Job receive material blessings from God, but his health is restored and he lives another 140 years and has children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.Once again, this is no guarantee that God will always restore our health. And I'm confident in saying that none of us are going to live 140 years, alone another 140 years after any health issues we mig...  Read More
March 20
by Pat Damiani on March 20th, 2024
Today's Reading: Job 42:10-11This is the same reading from yesterday, but I wanted to focus on another aspect of these verses today.Although in this case God restored Job's riches and even gave him twice as much as he had before, this is NOT a promise that God is always going to do that in our lives - at least when it comes to material riches. However, as we're going to see in a couple weeks when ...  Read More
March 18
by Pat Damiani on March 18th, 2024
Today's Reading: Job 42:7-9This week we'll finish up our study of Job. We only have a few verses to cover this week so the readings will be short. If you need to use the time to catch up if you've gotten behind.In this passage, God rebukes Job's three "friends". There are a couple of interesting things in these verses:God does not rebuke Elihu. Even though he didn't get everything right either, we...  Read More
March 15
by Pat Damiani on March 15th, 2024
Today's Reading: Job 42:1-6To me, these verses are the heart of the entire book. God has used the suffering of Job to lead him into a much deeper relationship that he had at the beginning of the book. Job had gone from knowing about God (Elohim}  to genuinely knowing the LORD (YHWH). Interestingly Job still doesn't have the behind the scenes look that we have from the first two chapters of the boo...  Read More
March 14
by Pat Damiani on March 14th, 2024
Today's Reading: Job 41:1-34God concludes his answer to Job by talking about a creature that is normally translated as Leviathan.From David Guzik's commentary on Job 41:Usually Leviathan is considered to be a mythical sea-monster or dragon that terrorized sailors and fishermen. Yet in the context of Job 41, God does not seem to consider Leviathan to be mythical at all. Some believe that Leviathan ...  Read More
March 13
by Pat Damiani on March 13th, 2024
Today's Reading: Job 40:1-24Job answers God briefly in verses 3-5, but just long enough to promise that he will no longer question God. I don't think that God minds us asking questions, especially when those questions come from a genuine desire to know God more intimately. But we do need to be careful not to go as far as Job and his friends did and question God's character and motives....  Read More
March 7
by Pat Damiani on March 7th, 2024
Today's Reading: Job 35:1-16Elihu goes on to explain that sometimes God uses suffering to reveal and root out sin in a righteous person. So affliction should make even a righteous person sensitive to the sin in his life and lead him to hate that sin and repent. But that still doesn’t provide Job with a satisfactory answer to his question, because, as Job is about to find out, that’s not even the r...  Read More
March 6
by Pat Damiani on March 6th, 2024
Today's Reading: Job 34:1-37The one thing we can give credit to Elihu for is that he appears to have a more complete view of God than Job's three friends. However, he also lacks the humility necessary to admit that there are still some things about how God operates that are a mystery....  Read More
March 5
by Pat Damiani on March 5th, 2024
Today's Reading: Job 33:1-33According to Elihu, God intervenes in the life of man in two ways – through dreams and visions, and through suffering. And in both, God’s purpose is to save, not to punish. Elihu does not picture God as an angry judge, but rather as a merciful Savior. This is particularly evident in verses 14-18 in this chapter....  Read More
March 4
by Pat Damiani on March 4th, 2024
Today's Reading: Job 32:1-22In chapter 32, a young man named Elihu, whose name means “He is my God”, appears on the scene. Because he is younger than the others, he has been listening to this entire conversation, waiting to speak until the others are finished. His discourse continues all the way through the end of chapter 37 without even one interruption by Job.Elihu does say some of the same thin...  Read More
February 29
by Pat Damiani on February 29th, 2024
Today's Reading: Job 18:1-24:25Today I want to encourage you to focus on Job 19:25-27. What does that reveal about Job's understanding of eternal life? How does that line up with what we know from the rest of the Bible?...  Read More
February 28
by Pat Damiani on February 28th, 2024
Today's Reading: Job 13:1-17:16Throughout this discourse the theology of Job's "friends" is often correct and in other places it is very close to being right. But in spite of that, they aren't really good friends to Job in his time of need. What can we learn from that about how to minister to others in need today?...  Read More
February 27
by Pat Damiani on February 27th, 2024
Today's Reading: Job 8:1-12:25Try not to get too caught up in al the details as you read today. Instead try to get an overall feel for the conversation that takes place. Think about what mistaken ideas Job and his friends have about God. Think about how we embrace similar ideas today and what we can do to avoid developing false ideas about who God is....  Read More
February 23
by Pat Damiani on February 23rd, 2024
Today's Reading: Job2:1-10Take a look at Job's response to hi s wife in verses 9-10. How is his response similar to his response in chapter 1? What are some differences from that response and what might that indicate about Job's faith? (Remember what we learned about "God" and "LORD" yesterday....  Read More