This Sunday's message: The Song of Zechariah

January 4

Day 4
Mark 2:13-28
(the links will take you to all of chapter 2, you can just cover verses 13-28 today.)

ESV Video and text
KJV Video and text:
Spanish Video and text:

NLT Text and audio:

Reflection questions:
  1. What was especially remarkable about the calling of Matthew?
  2. How did the pattern of Jesus' ministry show his coming for the sinner rather than the righteous? Since all are sinners, what is the distinction really?
  3. What did Jesus mean in his illustration of new cloth, new wineskins, and new wine?
  4. When are we as Christians prone to falling into focusing on our narrow rules rather than on compassion for the needs of others, like those complaining about the disciples plucking and eating heads of grain?
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