This Sunday's message: The Song of Zechariah

November 20

Today's Reading: Psalm 99:1-9

Read the passage and answer these two questions:
  1. What doe this passage teach me about God and His attributes?
  2. How should that understanding about the nature of God impact the way that I live my life?

My observations from Psalm 93:
The main attribute I see in this Psalm is God's power. He is absolutely capable of doing whatever He wants and no one or nothing can stop Him from accomplishing HIs purposes, plans and ways. Several years ago Rabbi Harold Kushner wrote a book titled When Bad Things Happen to Good People. To begin with the entire premise of the book is flawed since none of us are really "good". We are all sinners who fall short of God's standard. Unfortunately Kushner concluded that bad things happen because God is not all-knowing and all powerful. This Psalm and the rest of the Bible certainly reveal that is just not true.

When I go through difficulties I can be sure that it is not because God doesn't know or care. And I can also be sure that God will go through those tough times with me, just as He has promised.
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