This Sunday's message: The Song of Zechariah

November 10

Today's Reading: Psalm 66:1-20

Read the passage and answer these two questions:
  1. What doe this passage teach me about God and His attributes?
  2. How should that understanding about the nature of God impact the way that I live my life?

My observations from Psalm 65:
There are several attributes of God we could focus on here, but I'm going to concentrate on the idea of "election", which is evident in verse 4. You will notice in that verse that God blesses the one He chooses to bring near. He does that completely apart from anything that a person can do to earn God's favor.

That means that I can't take any credit at all for becoming a disciple of Jesus. There is nothing in my life that merits God's favor or blessing. Reminding myself of that every day will have a tremendous impact on the way that I treat others.
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