This Sunday's message: The Song of Zechariah

May 31

Today's Reading: Matthew 12:1-50

Here Jesus takes several actions to prove that He is greater than Solomon or the Temple that Solomon built or the traditions of the religious leaders. God had commanded His people to observe the Sabbath for their own benefit, but the Jewish religious leaders had created numerous man-made laws related to the Sabbath that were used to enslave the people and protect their power.

So Jesus intentionally provokes several confrontations with the religious leaders to remind them of God's purpose for the Sabbath. Although we are no longer obligated to observe the Sabbath, the principle of Sabbath rest is still applicable to us as disciples of Jesus. When we take one day off out of every seven from our work we demonstrate that we are trusting in God, and not in our own efforts, to provide for our needs. That time also allows us to spend time with God and His people where we can reflect on who He is and worship Him.

Do you set aside one day each week for Sabbath rest for you and your family? If not, this would be a great time to commit to that practice.
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