This Sunday's message: The Song of Zechariah

March 14

Today's Reading: Exodus 19:1-25

Today we begin a new section in our reading plan. Having redeemed his people, God gives the Law that declares his righteous standards as well as a sacrificial system (based on substitutionary atonement) that provides a means to deal with sin.

When God calls Moses to come up on Mount Sinai to receive the Law, He demonstrates His holiness by forbidding the rest of the people from even touching the mountain where He would manifest His presence. Even though the people had consecrated themselves, they were still not capable of approaching God based on their own righteousness.

The same is still true today. There is not even one of us who is righteous enough on our own to approach God. So just like the people of Israel required a mediator - Moses - we, too need Jesus to be our mediator. If you've been trying to approach God on your own, that is a dangerous thing to do. You can only come into His presence based on what Jesus did on the cross to make it possible for you to be clothed with His righteousness.
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