This Sunday's message: The Song of Zechariah

March 2

Today's Reading: Exodus 15:1-27

Moses and the people sing a song that celebrates how God had freed them from slavery in Egypt. But only three days later the people grumbled against Moses because the water they found was bitter.

It's easy to find fault with the Israelites here. But if we're not careful, we can do essentially the same thing. We can come to church on Sunday and sing praises to God and then turn around a few days later and grumble about our circumstances. Do you often find yourself grumbling about your life? When you do that, you are essentially saying that God doesn't know what He's doing or that He isn't capable of doing what is best for you. When that happens, spend some time reflecting on God's faithfulness and giving thanks to Him. That's the best antidote when you find yourself complaining about your circumstances.
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