This Sunday's message: The Song of Zechariah

February 10

Today's reading: Genesis 27:1-46

Jacob once again lives up to his name, which literally means "he grasps by the heal" or "supplanter". He had previously deceived his brother Esau and taken his birthright and now, with the help of his mother, he takes the blessing from his father. As the older son, both the birthright and the blessing should have gone to Esau. However, back in Genesis 25, God had revealed to Rebekah that the older brother was going to serve the younger.

This is an interesting passage. God's will is accomplished, which is obviously a good thing. But the problem is that it was obtained by lies and deceit. This is one of many instances in the Bible where some action is recorded even though it is not condoned or approved by God. Another familiar example would be polygamy, which is commonly reported in the Bible, but which God never approves of since it violates the Biblical model for marriage, which is one man married to one woman for a lifetime.

If we're not careful, we can easily follow the example of Rebekah and Jacob and attempt to accomplish God's will, but do it in a manner which clearly violates one or more biblical principles. God will never lead us to violate the Scriptures in order to carry out His will.
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