This Sunday's message: The Song of Zechariah

December 30

Today’s Reading: Luke 2:34-35; Psalm 38:17-22; Jeremiah 15:16-20; Romans 9:1-15
Simeon’s role here turns to prophet. He warns Mary and Joseph that there will also be a period of pain associated with this blessing. This is manifested in several ways. Mary will one day watch her Son be crucified. We also see that families will be divided because some will believe while others will not. Finally, we know that many will suffer eternal torment because they will decide not to follow Jesus. We cannot stress the importance of this. It is critical that while we’re still here, that we are sharing the Gospel with others. The pain and suffering that we feel today is because of sin, and it’s only through Jesus that we can be saved from that in eternity. Share and pray, friends.
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