August 09, 2019 Ryan Fregoso

Psalm 9: “David Calls For Mercy and Justice”

Psalm 9: “David Calls For Mercy and Justice”

This Psalm is often included with the 10th Psalm. They follow an acrostic pattern, and there is a natural transition where 9 ends and 10 begins. In Hebrew poetry, acrostic poems usually follow the pattern of the Hebrew alphabet. 

David recounts God’s goodness, not only to himself, but to His people (1-6), then turns his attention to His majesty (7-10).  This is followed by three calls in this Psalm. A call for praise (11-12), a call for mercy (13-14), and a call for justice (15-20).

This song of praise seemingly speaks of and for Israel, and is used in a corporate setting to encourage the children of God. This is evidenced when David speaks of the oppressed (9) and the afflicted (12). David led these people through worship and praise of their Father. He understood the need for adoration, forgiveness and for His majesty in his life and the life of the people. Do we realize these things in our personal lives? That of our families? 

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