August 06, 2019 Ryan Fregoso

Psalm 6: "The Lord Delivers"

Psalm 6:

"This is a individual lament, also from David. It is especially suited to the one whose hard circumstances have led him to see his sins and to repent of them. For this reason Psalm 6 is often included in the "Penitential Psalms" (ESV Study Bible). Penitential Pslams, as implied are songs of confession and humility before God. We can be encouraged as Christians when we confess our sin, because the Bible teaches that we will be forgiven (1 John 1:9). The first section of this Psalm is a call for mercy. We've seen that a lot so far in these Psalms. Unlike a lot of us, David's sins were very public. This shows his humility as God's appointed King to plea for His mercy. David's plea gives us the impression that he had fallen ill because of his sin, attributing this to the Lord's judgement. This is likely a picture of the type of anguish he was facing in his sin. He tells the Lord that in his death, God would not be glorified, and he pleas for his enemies to depart from him. David mourned over his sin, just as we are called to do (James 4:9). When was the last time you wept and mourned over your sin? We don't do this for pity, rather for our hatred of sin. Our hatred of sin should come from our desire to be holy (1 Peter 1:6). Let us have the confidence we see in verse 9 when David proclaims that the Lord has heard his plea.  

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