April 16, 2019 Ryan Fregoso

2 Chronicles 24: "Joash Repairs the Temple"

2 Chronicles 24:

Here we see that Joash and Jehoiada set out to restore the temple. We don't know for sure what condition the temple was in, but apparently it was in need of great repair. The contributors for the ESV Study Bible suggest that Athaliah didn't take care of the temple, and likely the kings before him neglected it as well. This project however was going to take some money, so they planned to raise the money from gathering it from the people. Joash made a chest and collected the taxes. Each time it filled, it was brought to the king, and used for the materials needed to restore the temple. When Jehoiada was leading them spiritually, we read in vers 14 that they worship and sacrificed regularly. When Jehoiada died, he was honored and was buried in the City of David with the kings. With his death came the loss of a spiritual leader, and we see that the boldness and strength of Joash led the people to turn away from the Lord. But the Lord was not finished with them, He sent prophets to warn them, "but they would not pay attention" (24:19). Jehoiada's son, Zechariah rebeuked Joash and the people, but instead of listening, Joash had him killed. After this, the Syrians came against Judah, and Joash was killed. When he was buried, he did not lay with his fathers. Even though he reigned for 40 years, he wasn’t as revered as Jehoiada was. Why was that? Jehoiada was the one who kept them close to the Lord, the one who influenced the people. We need people like him in our lives to keep us on track. Don’t you think? 

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