April 14, 2019 Ryan Fregoso

2 Chronicles 23: "Joash"

2 Chronicles 23:

Joash, as you recall, was the young boy that was hidden away when Athaliah began to kill every male in the lineage of David. He was far to young to take over the kingdom, but at 7 years old, he entered a covenant with some of the commanders, specifically the commanders of hundreds. He then marched and gathered the Levites, the heads of the households, and they went into Jerusalem. Of course, Athaliah was ruling Judah at the time, and no idea that Joash was alive and ready to reclaim the throne for David. It didn't take much convincing for the people to support him to take over the throne. Of course Joash was only a child, so the prophet Jehoiada was the main spokesperson until Joash was of age. Immediately, they began to make arrangements, ensuring that they restored the temple and the Levitical code. This was important to both Jehoiada and Joash. Much of this occured when Athaliah was still in the house, and she ran down, only to see the king standing by the pillar. What a dramatic scene this had to have been. She tore her cloths and cried out. She wanted him away from, what she believed to be, her throne. She was then taken away, and executed. Joash was finally in sole pocession of the throne, and made a covenant to bring the people back to the Lord. Joash even went back to the instructions that David left for Solomon, and implemented that in the temple. 

This is the king that Judah needed. One that was not afraid to stand up to evil, and one that was not afraid to bring the Word of God back to the people. This is also what we need today, men and women who will stand up to evil, and who are courageous to proclaim the Word of God. Will you be one of those people?  

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