April 14, 2019 Ryan Fregoso

2 Chronicles 22: “Ahaziah”

2 Chronicles 22: “Ahaziah”

Ahaziah was the next king of Judah. Athaliah was his mother, who was the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel, and they did evil in the sight of the Lord, walking in the ways of Ahab. He had a full on alliance with Jehoram (not the same Jehoram that we saw in chapter 21, this was the king of Israel). In this alliance, they came together to fight Syria. When he traveled to visit Ahab’s son, we read in verse 7, “it was ordained by God that the downfall of Ahaziah should come about through his going to visit Joram. For when he came there, he went out with Jehoram to meet Jehu the son of Nimshi, whom the Lord had anointed to destroy the house of Ahab.” When Athaliah heard that her son was killed, she proceeded to kill all of the “sons of David” so that she could remain Queen. However, Jehoshabeath, Ahaziah’s daughter took Joash and hide him for 6 years. 


The Lord was sovereign this entire time. We saw that the Lord took Ahaziah because of his evil ways, and we see there that His covenant with David would be preserved, despite Athaliah‘s evil plan. Maybe now is a good time to remind you that the people of both nations requested this. They wanted a king, then because of mans wicked heart, the kingdom was split. The Lord sent prophets to both nations, warning them to walk with Him. This helps us to see see the Lord’s awesome plan playing out, regardless of our sin. Isn’t that remarkable that we cannot get in His way? I don’t know about you, but I find comfort in knowing that I have a sovereign God who will carry out His plan as promised in my life. Seek comfort in the Lord. 

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