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Here is the second of the three chapters detailing and reviewing David’s battles. We see the Ammonites and the Syrians defeated in this chapter. First, we see see the heart of David. He sent some messengers to Hanun, son of Nahash, king of Ammon, to send his condolences to him for his father’s death. The text here (and in 2 Samuel 10) say that his father showed kindness to him, so he wanted to show his family kindness as well. However, Hanun was not as trusting and shaved the men’s beards and cut their garments, bringing shame upon them. This caused a response from sides and they prepared for battle. David saw that they were outmanned because Hanun teamed up with the Syrians and others, so he developed a plan to split his army in two, deploying each, setting one against the Ammonites and the other against the Syrians. The agreement was that if one became too strong, the other would step in and visa versa. This is a great plan. The army had strong leaders and more than that, they had the Lord on their side. This battle led to more spoils of war, including more servants. 

We must remember that despite the talent, the experience and wealth that David had was not because of anything he did. Remember, he was that scrawny shepherd boy that was not even presented to be king, yet God chose him anyway. Isn’t that incredible? Even when the world may discount you, the Lord may use you. Are you ready to be used by God today? 

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