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Hebrews 8 is tomorrow's reading, but since I'm trying to stay ahead this week, I'll post on it today. The key word that I highlighted in this chapter is "covenant" which occurs five times in the chapter.

We often think of a covenant as being similar to a contract, but the two are quite different. Covenants grow out of a relationship and are based on love for the other person. The promises made in a covenant are unconditional. Contracts, on the other hand, are motivated by the desire to get something and if one person breaks the contrast the other party is freed from his or her obligations under the contract.

Fortunately, God operates on the basis of covenant. He keeps His promises even when we don't. God made several covenants with His people, Israel, and when Israel failed to keep their end of the bargain, God still remained faithful to them. In Jesus, He has established a new covenant that is far superior to those covenants because it applies to all people for all time. Have you entered into that covenant through faith in Jesus?