March 10, 2019 Ryan Fregoso

1 Chronicles 15: “David Brings the Ark to Jerusalem”

David gets set to bring the Ark back to Jerusalem. This time, he is sure to build a tent for it, along with other houses for himself. David was not trying to rebuild the tabernacle, simply build a place for the Tabernacle to dwell. His focus was seemingly on building the temple. Notice too that he learned form Uzzah’s folly in chapter 13 in assuring that only the sons of Levi handled the ark. We see them all named in verses 3-10. In verses 11-15, we see that they handled and brought the ark to Jerusalem the right way, by carrying it. This was a joyous occasion, so we see the musicians and singers named and appointed in verses 16-24. When the ark arrives in Jerusalem, we see that a sacrifice is made, to honor the great Lord. Then, recalling 2 Samuel 6:20-23, we see that Michal, David’s wife, Saul’s daughter looked at David with hatred as she watched him dance. 

What a difference between these events and those in chapter 13. We see David focusing on the things of above here, not the earthly things. He realized his error and responded accordingly. This is really a picture of repentance. When one repents, he turns from their sin and goes a different direction. Let’s learn from David’s example here. 

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