February 10, 2019 Ryan Fregoso

2 Kings 12: “Joash’s Reign”

2 Kings 12: “Joash’s Reign”

As noted yesterday, Joash (called Jehoash) ruled for 40 years, and did right in the eyes of the Lord all of his days. Even though we saw the pillars of Baal were destroyed, unfortunately the “high places” were not, so the people still sacrificed offerings there. Next, we see that Jehoash wants to repair the temple. In 2 Chronicles 24:7, we see that Athaliah had vandalized the temple. The easy that he wanted the repairs to be made was through the offerings. But, we read that in the 23rd year, no repairs were made, so Jehoiada took a chest and made a hole in the top, and placed it by the altar. The money was collected periodically, and given to the workmen for the work. This allowed the work to be completed, and the guilt offerings to be used to take care of the priests. 

In verse 17, we see that Hazael, from Syria, attacked Gath, then made his way to Jerusalem, but Jehoash give the king gifts, and he departed from Jerusalem.

Unfortunately, his servants came against him and killed him, ending his 47 year reign. His son, Amaziah reigned in his place. 

Joash played the role of organizer and peacemaker. Is that really the role we should play? He organized the repairs of the temple without sacrificing the priests wages. He ensures that those around him had a place to worship. We should be just as inviting a peaceful towards others in order to draw them to our Lord. Would you do that today? 

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