February 08, 2019 Ryan Fregoso

2 Kings 10: “Jehu’s Path of Destruction”

2 Kings 10: “Jehu’s Path of Destruction”

We already saw how Jehu brutally killed the kings of Israel and Syria, followed by the fall of Jezebel. Here, we see this path of destruction continue, this time beginning with the sons of Ahab. Jehu sent a message to the guardians of the 70 sons of Ahab. He asked them to select the best and fittest to fight for thier master's house. Because of what Jehu did to the kings of Israel and Judah previously, they were afraid and didn't accept the challenge. He sent them a second letter telling them to slaughter the 70 sons if they were indeed on his side. They did what Jehu requested. He then exectuted those who remained. After this, Jehu set out for Samaria. Along the way, he met some of the relatives of Ahaziah (the former king of Judah), and killed them. Next we see Jehu during strike down all of the prophets of Baal. It was quite decietful, however, as he gathered them all together with the impression that he was going to do a ceremonial sacrifice, but instead he had them killed. They demolished the piller of Baal, but not the two golden calves in Bethel and Dan. So, while he got rid the worshipers of Baal, he did not turn to the Lord, or lead the people to the Lord. 

In verse 32, we read that the Lord began to "cut off parts of Israel", this time using Hazael (of Syria) as a tool. This was because they, still, decided to depart from the Lord. 

Just recently, we spoke about God's judgement. WIth this, we must recognize that it is necesary. When we already know the consequences of departing from the Lord, and we choose that road, like many people do today, judgement shouldn't come as a surprise. Yet, we still blame God for our circumstances. He gives us the ability to choose, and think. Would you consider making this life changing decision? 

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