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G. Campbell Morgan says this chapter, “is indeed a terrible chapter in which the truth of the divine government is written no longer in the gentle words of patient mercy, but in flames of fire.” Why did he say this? Elisha called one of the young prophets to go and anoint Jehu as the next king of Israel. This prophet added that he would strike down the entire house of Ahab and that the dogs would eat (the remains of) Jezebel. While this sounds harsh, Jezebel was an evil woman, a murderer and an idolater, amongst other things. It’s clear that Jehu will be used as an instrument of judgement. Jehu then set out to Jezreel, as Joram and Azaziah were there. He came quickly, immediately alerting the watchmen, as he came came quickly and furiously. They sent a couple of horsemen to check on his purpose, and when they didn’t return, and after they recognized who he was they both set out in their chariots to speak with him. It was then when Jehu killed both kings. Once both kings were killed, and buried, Jehu ruled in Israel. After the death of the king, Jezebel stood on the tower and looked down at Jehu. He called out for allies, and 2 eunuchs responded. He ordered them to throw her down from the tower, and they did so, killing Jezebel. When the people went to her body to give her a proper burial, only her head, feet and hands remained. She was eaten by the dogs, as the prophet predicted. 

This is the side of God people don’t like to talk about. God is a avid of judgement. This was the purpose of Jesus’ death on the cross. Because man is not good, a perfect man (Jesus) had to be the sacrificial lamb as an atonement for all, offering a chance for all to believe. If you haven’t committed belief to the Lord, then you are subject to death likeJezebel, faced with eternity in the Lake of Fire, but when you choose life, and follow Jesus, then while your physical body will die, we will be joined with the other saints in eternity with Jesus Himself. This is the only way we can be made right with God. While is a God of judgement, He offers an alternative. Have you made this commitment? If not, I urge you to do it today. 

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